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A rap­per told a TV in­ter­viewer that be­fore he was fa­mous, he used to sleep in an aban­doned house in Joburg so he could be close to work. As he told this story, I didn’t be­lieve him. Af­ter all, this is what many rich peo­ple tell us, that they strug­gled be­fore be­com­ing wealthy or fa­mous.

But the truth is that their jour­neys to suc­cess are of­ten full of painful, shame­ful and dif­fi­cult ex­pe­ri­ences most peo­ple wouldn’t want to en­dure.

The rea­son they sur­vive is be­cause they’re passionate about their goals; they live in the fu­ture and for­get about their present pains.

To sur­vive the jour­ney of life, where prob­lems pile up and chal­lenges come from ev­ery an­gle, we must know that our re­silience will grow stronger. And one day we’ll wake up and re­alise it was all for the best. ABRAM MHLANE, EMAIL

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