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1 Which farm an­i­mal is the most in­tel­li­gent? A. Goat B. Os­trich C. Goose D. Pig 2 Si­cily is the largest is­land in which sea? A. Mediter­ranean B. Black C. Baltic D. Red 3 How far away is the moon from Earth? A. 384 400km B. 1,23 mil­lion km C. 805 200km D. 204 600km 4 What type of rays are pri­mar­ily re­spon­si­ble for sun­burn? A. UVA B. SPF C. UVC D. UVB 5 When did the Boer War start? A. 1890 B. 1899 C. 1902 D. 1909 6 What is car­bon’s chem­i­cal el­e­ment? A. C B. Ca C. B D. Bn 7 Which an­i­mal has the fastest me­tab­o­lism? A. Ea­gle B. Hum­ming­bird C. Owl D. Vul­ture 8 Which colour isn’t found in a rain­bow? A. Or­ange B. Indigo C. Ma­genta D. Yel­low 9 An­other name for draughts is . . .? A. Chess B. Check­ers C. Drafts D. Backgam­mon 10 The na­tional tree of South Africa is . . .? A. Marula B. Yel­low­wood C. Mopane D. Aloe 11 Which nat­u­ral phe­nom­e­non is named ac­cord­ing to an al­pha­bet­i­cally ar­ranged list? A. Hurricane B. Earth­quake C. Flood D. Vol­cano 12 Which mam­mal is the only that can truly fly? A. Bat B. Fly­ing squir­rel C. Bird D. Fly­ing fish 13 Who plays the Black Pan­ther in Mar­vel’s new movies? A. Idris Elba B. An­thony Mackie C. Chad­wick Bose­man D. Mike Colter 14 What is the name for the con­di­tion that af­fects the joints? A. Asthma B. Arthri­tis C. Eczema D. Edema

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