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China is a huge coun­try in Asia and is the third-largest coun­try in the world, af­ter Rus­sia and Canada. It’s about eight times big­ger than South Africa, stretch­ing more than 5 000km from east to west and 5 500km from north to south. Typhoons bat­ter the coun­try ev­ery year, of­ten caus­ing floods. Earth­quakes, tsunamis and droughts are also fairly com­mon.

China’s coun­try­side is di­verse. It com­prises deserts as well as wet­lands, and about a third of the coun­try is moun­tain­ous. Mount Ever­est, the high­est moun­tain peak on Earth, is sit­u­ated in the Himalayan moun­tain range and lies on the bor­der be­tween China and Nepal.

The Yangtze, the world’s third-long­est river, and the Huang He, the world's sixth-long­est river, flow through China. The coun­try’s na­tional an­i­mal is the great panda, which is found in the wild in the Yangtze River Basin.

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