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MUGGING/AS­SAULT ON THE STREETS – if some­one sus­pi­cious crosses over the road to your side, you should cross to where he came from. If he fol­lows you again, get ready for a pos­si­ble con­fronta­tion. KID­NAP­PING – if some­one sus­pi­cious looks at you and then fo­cuses on your child, there’s a chance they’re con­sid­er­ing kid­nap­ping. It can hap­pen so quickly – one per­son dis­tracts you and then an­other snatches the child. They then quickly pass the child on to some­one else, who passes her on to some­one else, and so on, un­til there’s no trail. Be alert. CAR SMASH AND GRAB – take care when some­one talks to you at a traf­fic light as an­other per­son can eas­ily ap­proach from the other side while you’re dis­tracted and smash your win­dow to take your bag. AT NIGHT – be care­ful when leav­ing clubs or par­ties. Don’t jump into any car just be­cause they say they are a taxi. Check them out prop­erly. AT HOME – be­ware of peo­ple pos­ing as po­lice. Check IDs. If they don’t have a proper court war­rant, don’t let them en­ter your house. RAPE – rapists of­ten watch their cho­sen vic­tims to learn their rou­tines. They will wait for a quiet mo­ment to strike, so al­ways be vig­i­lant . Try to vary your daily sched­ule – take dif­fer­ent routes to work or leave home at dif­fer­ent times each day.

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