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Most work­ing peo­ple don’t know what they’re work­ing for. As dis­cour­ag­ing as it is to wake up in the morn­ing and go to work, it might be en­cour­ag­ing if you have some­thing you’re work­ing for.

It’s so sad how many peo­ple are liv­ing hand-to-mouth, and some of these peo­ple are those re­garded as high earn­ers.

Even poor peo­ple who got by with­out a salary con­tinue liv­ing hand-to-mouth, even when they get jobs.

This kind of be­hav­iour should be put to rest by blacks be­cause it isn’t do­ing us any good.

We need to start see­ing money dif­fer­ently and make things hap­pen so we en­rich our­selves in all the best ways. ME­SHACK MATHE, EMAIL

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