De­spite many ef­forts by so­ci­ety to con­demn sex­ual crimes, many women and chil­dren are raped every day. We have come to the point where some see rape as nor­mal. They blame the vic­tims be­cause of what they were wear­ing.

That’s wrong. Rape is about power and con­trol, not sex. There are no grey ar­eas when it comes to sex­ual vi­o­lence and har­ass­ment. Un­wanted touch­ing, in­ap­pro­pri­ate com­ments or sex by force hap­pen every day – but it is never okay.

Lend a hand in help­ing so­ci­ety to build safer homes, com­mu­ni­ties, work­places, cam­puses and schools that are more re­spon­sive to sex­ual vi­o­lence. By chang­ing our at­ti­tudes and pro­vid­ing more sup­port for sur­vivors we can make our en­vi­ron­ment safer. We need to work to­gether in con­demn­ing sex­ual crimes and mak­ing sure those who com­mit them are se­verely pun­ished. ABI­GAIL LEDUBUKO, EMAIL

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