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S Clean the lens. Over time lint and dust col­lect, which leads to a blurred im­age.

S One of the eas­i­est and best ways to im­prove your cell­phone pho­tos is to turn on the cam­era’s grid lines (look for this in the set­tings). When you are com­pos­ing a pic­ture, place strong lines and di­vi­sions in the scene, such as the hori­zon, on the grid lines. Al­low el­e­ments of in­ter­est to fall on the places where the lines meet.

S Fo­cus on one sub­ject. Spend some time set­ting up the shot and tap the screen of your smart­phone to fo­cus the cam­era on your sub­ject.

S Em­brace neg­a­tive space. The ar­eas around and be­tween the main fo­cus of your im­age can take a photo from “good” to “great”. When you in­clude a lot of empty space your sub­ject will stand out more. It could be a wide ex­panse of sky or wa­ter, an empty field or a wall.

S Set your phone to its high­est pic­ture qual­ity and res­o­lu­tion. You won’t be able to print out a shot if you only have a low-res ver­sion.

S Avoid “mir­ror shots” and arm-length self­ies. Mir­rors can con­fuse the auto-fo­cus func­tion. Rather get some­one to take the photo for you.

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