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QI had health prob­lems and stopped drink­ing al­co­hol six months ago. Now my friends are mak­ing me feel bad – they say I’m bor­ing and they feel bad when they’re out with me be­cause I’m sober when they get drunk.

Even my best friend says I make her feel bad. I tried of­fer­ing to buy them drinks even though I’m only drink­ing wa­ter or juice, but that hasn’t made things bet­ter. What can I do? OUT­CAST, EMAIL

AYou must be com­mended for tak­ing the right de­ci­sion to look af­ter your health. There are peo­ple who would love to be where you are right now, but it’s not an easy thing to do.

It’s at times like these one has to re­ally look at what is valu­able in life. If your friends re­ally loved you and wanted the best for you, they’d be sup­port­ing you and look­ing out for you.

True friends en­cour­age one an­other to do what’s best for their health and their lives.

Nowhere is it writ­ten you have to in­dulge in al­co­hol to have fun or be fun. You can have lots of good, clean fun with­out get­ting drunk.

It’s time to look at your com­pan­ions and de­cide whether they’re still worth be­ing called your friends. Your life and health are more im­por­tant and the de­ci­sions you take should re­volve around them and not be made to please any­one else.

You have a strong will – keep it that way.

‘How peo­ple treat you is their karma, how you re­act is yours’ – WAYNE DYER, AU­THOR AND SPEAKER

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