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The rea­son we have in­com­pe­tent lead­ers in most as­pects of our lives is that they’re driven by greed. Many teach­ers want to be prin­ci­pals only to earn a bet­ter salary, not to bet­ter ed­u­cate learn­ers.

There are some work­ers who bad­mouth their col­leagues be­hind their backs so they can get pro­mo­tions. There are su­per­vi­sors who didn’t earn their po­si­tions through com­pe­tency.

The clergy no longer fight for top po­si­tions for their con­gre­ga­tions’ spir­i­tual well-be­ing – they do it for fame and other gains. We have only a few po­lit­i­cal lead­ers who know what their jobs en­tail.

Most of them promised to change peo­ple’s lives for the bet­ter, but they soon for­get those prom­ises when they en­joy the com­forts of their of­fices and fat pay­cheques.

A true leader stands up for what’s right and puts his per­sonal in­ter­ests aside. ABI­GAIL LEDUBUKO, EMAIL

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