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YOU WILL NEED Pen­cil, ruler, card­board, scis­sors, mod­el­ling clay, bak­ing pa­per, glass bot­tle, util­ity knife, sand­pa­per, strong ad­he­sive, small pot plant (makes 1 house-shaped planter)

STEP 1 Use the pen­cil and ruler to draw a house shape (a square topped with a tri­an­gle for the roof) on the card. Draw a rec­tan­gle the same height as the square to cre­ate a wall piece.

For the floor, draw a rec­tan­gle the same width as the wall piece and 1,5cm nar­rower than the house base. Cut out the shapes.

STEP 2 Knead the clay un­til soft, then roll into a ball. Put on the bak­ing pa­per and roll flat with the glass bot­tle un­til 7mm thick.

STEP 3 Put the card­board cutouts on the clay and cut out with the knife. Cut out two house shapes, two walls and one floor. Dry ac­cor­ding to in­struc­tions.

STEP 4 Once dry, use the sand­pa­per to smooth and straighten the sides.

STEP 5 Glue a wall to the in­side edges of the house shapes, hold to­gether un­til se­cure.

STEP 6 Glue on the floor, then the other wall and al­low to dry.

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