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Comb honey is nat­u­ral hon­ey­comb taken di­rectly from the hive, and kept in the form as pro­duced by the bees.

Liq­uid honey is the most com­mon form of honey sold and the one most com­monly used. It’s ex­tracted from the comb af­ter the wax cap­pings are re­moved.

Gran­u­lated honey is honey that has crys­tallised. All nat­u­ral raw honey will gran­u­late if left for some time, es­pe­cially in colder en­vi­ron­ments. The en­tire con­tents should gran­u­late over time – if half gran­u­lates and the other half re­mains liq­uid then the honey could be adul­ter­ated.

Creamed honey is a blend of gran­u­lated honey and liq­uid honey that has been whipped up into a creamy tex­ture to make it eas­ier to spread.

Chunk honey is comb honey that’s stored in a jar with liq­uid honey poured over it.

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