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1 Michelle Obama re­vealed in her mem­oir that she con­ceived via . . .?

A In vitro fer­til­i­sa­tion B Nat­u­rally C Sur­ro­gacy D Ges­ta­tional sur­ro­gacy

2 Your or­gans can save up to . . . peo­ple if you’re an or­gan donor?

A 7 B 2 C 5 D 10

3 Which med­i­cal-aid scheme now has a bank among its ser­vices?

A Fed­health B Mo­men­tum C Dis­cov­ery D Boni­tas

4 The leg­endary writer, ed­i­tor and pub­lisher of Marvel Comics . . . died re­cently?

A Lee Stan­ford B Stan Lee C Stan­ley Leigh D Stan Leon

5 Over . . . peo­ple suf­fer from de­pres­sion world­wide?

A 20 mil­lion B 300 mil­lion C 300 000 D 3 mil­lion

6 At . . . old ba­bies recog­nise their moms and dis­tin­guish be­tween fa­mil­iar faces and strangers?

A 1 week B 6 weeks C 3 months D 2 months

7 . . . is a tech­nique for high­light­ing hair in

which the dye is painted on to cre­ate a nat­u­ral­look­ing ef­fect? A Dust­ing B Gloss C Balayage D Grad­u­a­tion

8 The old­est theatre on the con­ti­nent is the . . .?

A SA State Theatre B Mar­ket Theatre C Artscape Theatre D PE Opera House

9 . . . is the hardest sub­stance in the body and pro­tects the in­ter­nal part of a tooth?

A Enamel B Den­tine C Pulp D Bone

10 Ndolé is a . . . dish con­sist­ing of stewed nuts, ndoleh (bit­ter leaves indige­nous to West Africa) and fish or beef?

A Liberian B Nige­rian C Ghana­ian D Cameroo­nian

11 Chem­i­cal . . . are a non-eva­sive and gen­tle way of re­mov­ing the dam­aged outer lay­ers of the skin?

A Sun­screens B Cleansers C Fa­cial peels D Ton­ers

12 Oymyakon, a ru­ral lo­cal­ity in Sakha Repub­lic, Rus­sia, is the . . . per­ma­nently in­hab­ited place on Earth?

A Fur­thest B Hottest

15 Idris Elba is US Peo­ple mag­a­zine’s 2018 . . . man alive? A Strong­est B Tallest C Bravest D Sex­i­est

C Small­est D Cold­est

13 Which lo­cal show won the most pop­u­lar soapie of the year gong at the 3rd An­nual Roy­alty Soapie Awards?

A Isi­baya B Skeem Saam C Uzalo D The Queen

14 Stud­ies show that eat­ing dark cho­co­late and . . . can lower stress lev­els?

A Yo­ghurt B Ginger C Ice cream D Blue­ber­ries

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