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The Lion King was the first Dis­ney an­i­mated movie not based on an ex­ist­ing sto­ry­book tale. Ac­cord­ing to Don Hahn, one of the pro­duc­ers of the 1994 flick, Dis­ney’s an­i­ma­tion stu­dio bosses “came up with the idea to do Bambi in Africa – a com­ing-of-age story. For a long time, we just called it ‘Bambi in Africa’.” The story was, of course, of young cub Simba – heir to the pride lands – who’s forced to flee his king­dom af­ter his un­cle, Scar, mur­ders Simba’s fa­ther. Simba be­friends Ti­mon and Pum­baa, a meerkat and a warthog, who in­tro­duce him to the hakuna matata life – which, in case you’ve been liv­ing un­der a rock, means no wor­ries. Even­tu­ally adult Simba re­unites with child­hood friend Nala, con­fronts his tyran­ni­cal un­cle and re­claims his throne.

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