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Char­lotte (21) has suf­fered from Eh­lers-Dan­los syn­drome since she was 13. It’s a group of in­her­ited dis­or­ders af­fect­ing var­i­ous parts of the body, in­clud­ing the skin, joints and blood ves­sels. “I bruise eas­ily, I get dizzy and have chronic fa­tigue and headaches,” she ex­plains on In­sta­gram. The con­di­tion wreaked havoc on her di­ges­tive sys­tem. So much so that a few years ago Char­lotte elected to un­dergo an ileostomy (surgery to by­pass the rec­tum, colon and anus) and now wears a bag for waste re­moval. “It may not sound so glam­orous but this has saved so many lives and im­proved the qual­ity of many oth­ers,” she says. For Char­lotte, stand­ing in a bra and un­der­wear with her ileostomy bag clearly vis­i­ble was her way of show­ing sup­port for all kinds of bod­ies. “It’s doesn’t mat­ter what you look like, you de­serve to be rep­re­sented,” she says.

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