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I’ve started dat­ing a guy I’ve known for a few years. It was go­ing well un­til he told me that be­fore we got to­gether he and his friends used to make fun of me be­cause I have a big scar on the side of my face.

I hate this scar and it used to make me in­se­cure when I was younger. I thought I’d got over all that but now this guy has made me feel bad again.

He says it doesn’t bother him but when he tells me I look beau­ti­ful I don’t be­lieve him. I don’t want to break up with him over this but I’m not sure how I can feel good about my­self again. IN­SE­CURE, EMAIL Who you truly are and how you feel about your­self shouldn’t have any­thing to do with your phys­i­cal ap­pear­ance.

Af­ter all, you’ve man­aged to live with it from a young age and con­quered those child­hood demons. Make sure you don’t let them ruin you now.

Your boyfriend might have come clean with you be­cause he was try­ing to clear his con­science. They were prob­a­bly young and stupid and he’s re­alised now what they did wasn’t right. The man­ner in which he told you about this should in­di­cate his in­ten­tion. He’s still with you, so he clearly wants to be with you.

But ease your mind by telling him how his con­fes­sion made you feel. Good luck.

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