Ev­ery­one knows the petrol price is high, very high. And most peo­ple know the weak rand and high crude oil prices are to blame.

But we don’t al­ways re­alise the full ex­tent of the in­creases as we tend to fo­cus on the price only when it rises. We’d rather for­get that petrol used to cost less than R2/litre at the be­gin­ning of 1998.

And un­for­tu­nately, petrol is a ne­ces­sity.

We need 200-250 litres ev­ery month to get to work and back and to fetch the kids from school. The re­sult of higher petrol prices is ev­ery­body had to re­duce spend­ing on other things to pay that ex­tra R1 500 per month for fuel.

Not only did the in­crease in the cost of petrol cut deeply into our dis­pos­able in­come, the lit­tle we have left buys much less be­cause of higher in­fla­tion.

Un­for­tu­nately, things won’t change while the oil price re­mains high and the rand stays weak. Let’s hope oil prices don’t go any higher. TSHEPISO AN­GELINA, PRE­TO­RIA

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