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Young peo­ple to­day be­have badly be­cause they don’t have proper guid­ance from their par­ents. A fa­ther and mother play dif­fer­ent roles in rais­ing a child. Those roles com­ple­ment each other to pro­duce a re­spon­si­ble child.

With so many ab­sent dads to­day, kids find them­selves with­out much-needed advice. Some dads sup­port their off­spring fi­nan­cially, but kids need emo­tional and moral sup­port too.

Chil­dren with­out fa­thers need mentors to help shape and de­velop their minds. This will help kids be­lieve in them­selves and know what they want. ABI­GAIL LEDUBUKO, EMAIL

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