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* Remind adults to use cloth bags in­stead of plas­tic bags when you go shop­ping. They should also avoid buy­ing prod­ucts wrapped in plas­tic.

* Give up gum as most chew­ing gums are made from syn­thetic rub­ber aka plas­tic.

* Stop us­ing plas­tic straws, even in restau­rants. Only use straws if they’re made from pa­per or corn starch. You can also buy a re­us­able stain­less steel, glass or bam­boo straw.

* Ask your par­ents to buy prod­ucts such as laun­dry detergent that come in card­board boxes in­stead of plas­tic bot­tles.

* Take a re­us­able bot­tle with you to fill up with wa­ter. Remind your par­ents to take a re­us­able mug if they buy take­away cof­fee.

* If you’re buy­ing take­aways ask your par­ents to bring their own con­tain­ers. Many restau­rants use Sty­ro­foam, which lo­cal mu­nic­i­pal­i­ties don’t usu­ally re­cy­cle.

* Ask your par­ents to pack your lunch in re­us­able ­con­tain­ers and bags.

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