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I’m a 27-year-old man and I’m dat­ing my step­mother’s younger sis­ter who is 23 years old. I get con­fused about this fam­ily stuff and I want to know if it’s okay to marry her. What is right and wrong in fam­ily re­la­tion­ships? TM, EMAIL

This is a case of dif­fer­ent strokes for dif­fer­ent folks. So what­ever it is you end up do­ing will de­pend on what you be­lieve in and what your spe­cific cul­ture says about step-re­la­tions.

In some cul­tures, once you’re re­lated by mar­riage to a cer­tain in­di­vid­ual then you can never have ro­man­tic links be­cause you’re now one fam­ily. Other cul­tures don’t view step-re­la­tions as be­ing re­lated at all. I sug­gest you speak to an elder of the fam­ily and hear what they have to say about this. At the end of the day they’re the ones who have to ap­prove.

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