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DRUM - - Trivia - 3 What is the na­tional motto of South Africa? A Free­dom and jus­tice B Al­ways as­cend­ing C One for all, all for one D Unity in di­ver­sity 8 Sweet­bread is the culi­nary name for which or­gans? A Thy­mus and pan­creas B Heart and lungs C Liver and kid­ney D Brain

1 Luthando “LootLove” Shosha has re­vealed she once lost out on a R250 000 con­tract be­cause she was . . .? A Too skinny B Preg­nant C Too tall D On hol­i­day

2 What do you call the con­di­tion where a lack of red cells in the blood causes tired­ness? A Anaemia B Lym­phoma C Hae­mophilia D Myeloma

4 A mas­sive power out­age in South Amer­ica re­cently left more than . . . mil­lion peo­ple without elec­tric­ity? A 44 B 26 C 90 D 12

5 Co­gnac is a type of . . . pro­duced in a spe­cific re­gion of France? A Whisky B Rum C Brandy D Gin

6 Sleep­ing sick­ness is a par­a­sitic dis­ease most of­ten spread by which in­sect? A Mos­quito B Tsetse fly C Tick D Flea

7 Prior to this year’s event, which has been the most suc­cess­ful team at a Fifa Women’s World Cup soc­cer tour­na­ment? A United States B Ger­many C Nor­way D Ja­pan

9 Which Amer­i­can rap­per re­cently be­came the first hip-hop bil­lion­aire? A Diddy B Dr Dre C Kanye West D Jay-Z

10 Which South African sta­te­owned com­pany is cur­rently prof­itable? A Eskom B Telkom C Post Of­fice D South African Air­ways

11 July’s birth­stone – a gem­stone rep­re­sent­ing a per­son’s month of birth – is a . . .? A Pearl B Ruby C Sapphire D Di­a­mond

12 Which is the most pop­u­lous city in the world? A Tokyo B Delhi C Shang­hai

14 In what year was the first of­fi­cial Miss South Africa pageant held? A 1988 B 1904 C 1956 D 2002

14 Most of Earth’s oxy­gen is pro­duced by . . .? A Phy­to­plank­ton B Trees C Grass D An­i­mals 15 La La An­thony will star in the re­boot of which ’90s TV se­ries? A Homi­cide: Life on the Street B Hangin’ with Mr Cooper C Fam­ily Mat­ters D Bev­erly Hills, 90210

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