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There’ll be no more short­cuts for CARDI B – the rap­per says she’s done with plas­tic surgery.

In­stead she’s go­ing to re­shape her body the old-fash­ioned way – by hit­ting the gym.

The rap­per’s de­clared she’s not go­ing un­der the knife again af­ter she was forced re­cently to post­pone sev­eral shows so she could re­cover from li­po­suc­tion.

She shared her new plan in a tweet, say­ing, “I been work­ing out for the past two weeks cause b**** I ain’t get­ting surgery again. Let me tell you I haven’t got a headache ever since.”

Cardi told fans at a con­cert last month that she had plas­tic surgery last year af­ter giv­ing birth to her daugh­ter, Kul­ture.

“I should’ve can­celled to­day,” she told the crowd. “I shouldn’t re­ally be per­form­ing be­cause mov­ing too much is gonna f*** up my lipo. But bitch, I’m still gonna get my moth­erf****** money back. Let’s go!”

Her doc­tors then told her she needed to rest to prop­erly re­cover from surgery, and she was forced to can­cel sev­eral shows in May and June.

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