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I’m 29 years old with two kids from dif­fer­ent fa­thers. My sec­ond child’s baby daddy dumped me four months ago when she was five months old.

I found out he’d cheated on me and then he de­cided to pick this new girl over me. He does send money for the baby but he never asks about her.

He puts all these pic­tures on Face­book of him and his new girl­friend, which makes me feel re­ally bad.

I told him I wanted to work things out but he told me I must go back to my first baby daddy. How do I walk away from him? EM, EMAIL You are def­i­nitely worth more than the way he is treat­ing you. He has found a new love and is flash­ing it in your face be­cause he knows you have feel­ings for him.

You should never have asked him to work things out be­cause he’d al­ready showed you that he didn’t care about you any­more when he left you and your baby, who was only five months old.

It’s good that he’s as­sist­ing you fi­nan­cially – at least he’s do­ing his duty. If he doesn’t want to be­come emo­tion­ally in­volved with the child, that’s his choice.

What you need to do is con­cen­trate on rais­ing your chil­dren. Be there for them be­cause they need you in their lives. For­get about him and work on your­self as a per­son so you can be­come the kind of mother your chil­dren will be proud of.

He showed you that he can’t be trusted when he de­cided to cheat on you and then he chose the other woman over you. This does not mean the end of your life – it is in fact a new be­gin­ning. Be kind to your­self.

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