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1 Ac­tor Cle­ment Maosa re­cently sum­mited . . . to raise aware­ness for the Car­ing4Girls ini­tia­tive?

A Ben Ne­vis B Mount Kil­i­man­jaro C Mount Ever­est D Lhotse

2 The first masspro­duced tooth­brush in Eu­rope was cre­ated in . . .?

A 1922 B 1840 C 1602 D 1780

3 Which coun­try was offi­cially known as Zaire be­tween 1971 and

1997? A Demo­cratic Repub­lic of the Congo B Ethiopia C Mali D Ghana

4 The . . . court re­cently found that pub­lic pro­tec­tor Bu­sisiwe Mkhwe­bane had acted in a “dis­hon­est” man­ner dur­ing

her Re­serve Bank in­ves­ti­ga­tion? A High B Supreme C Con­sti­tu­tional D Elec­toral

5 If a per­son is . . . they can use both their hands equally well?

A Dual handed B Am­bidex­trous C Lateral D Mixed handed

6 What is the nick­name of the Nige­rian women’s foot­ball team?

A Ea­gles B Queens C Su­per Fal­cons D Fal­cons

7 Gluten is a group of . . . which oc­cur with starch in the en­dosperm of var­i­ous ce­real grains?

A Pro­teins B Fats C Car­bo­hy­drates D Sug­ars

8 The . . . was a pe­riod of geopo­lit­i­cal ten­sion be­tween the Soviet Union (Rus­sia)

and the United States after World War II? A Cold War B War of At­tri­tion C Win­ter War D Crimean War

9 There is no No­bel prize for . . .?

A Lit­er­a­ture B Math­e­mat­ics C Chemistry D Physics

10 Name the long­est river in South Africa?

A 4th B 10th C 3rd D 6th A Lim­popo B Vaal C Molopo D Or­ange

11 Dur­ing the sum­mer and win­ter . . . the sun reaches its high­est or low­est point in the noon sky, mark­ing the year’s long­est and short­est days?

A Sea­son B Equinox C Sol­stice D Switch-over

12 The South African na­tional net­ball team re­cently fin­ished . . . at the World Cup in Eng­land?

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