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ENGLISH is a medium of ins­truc­tion at our schools and it’s also a univer­sal lan­guage. It’s im­por­tant our chil­dren un­der­stand and speak the lan­guage flu­ently if they are to get ahead in life.

But it’s not ac­cept­able for young peo­ple to use English to be dis­re­spect­ful to­wards their par­ents or grand­par­ents.

Many el­derly peo­ple who didn’t go beyond pri­mary school level don’t un­der­stand English very well. When they ad­dress their chil­dren, they speak to

them in their lan­guage. For chil­dren to re­spond in English is dis­re­spect­ful.

Chil­dren need to know that be­ing bet­ter ed­u­cated than their par­ents doesn’t mean they should dis­re­spect them. Your par­ents put you in school so you can be em­ploy­able when you grad­u­ate.

Con­tinue to show them re­spect by speak­ing to them in the lan­guage they taught you, even if you at­tend school in town. PERCY MOF­FAT, EMAIL

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