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1 Singer Lira was re­cently hon­oured with a Bar­bie doll in her like­ness as part of . . . Sheroes cam­paign?

A Lego’s B Mat­tel’s C Dis­ney’s D Marvel’s

2 Which ex­ter­nal body part heals the fastest?

A Scalp B Nose C Tongue D Fin­gers

3 Bud­dhism is the . . . largest re­li­gion in the world?

A 4th B 2nd C 6th D 5th

4 For­mer cabi­net min­is­ter Derek Hanekom is tak­ing for­mer pres­i­dent Ja­cob Zuma to court for . . .?

A Defama­tion B Cor­rup­tion C In­va­sion of pri­vacy D As­sault

5 Spe­cial edi­tion Nike “Moon Shoes” re­cently sold on auc­tion for a record-break­ing . . .?

A R800 000 B R1,6 mil­lion C R6,5 mil­lion D R20 mil­lion

6 Banyana Banyana re­cently won the Cosafa Women’s Cham­pi­onship for the . . . year in a row?

A 2nd B 5th C 4th D 3rd

7 A . . . is a type of con­fec­tionery made from sugar, wa­ter and gela­tine which is whipped to a squishy con­sis­tency?

A Meringue B Jelly C Marsh­mal­low D Toffee

8 Which an­i­mal ap­pears on the Zam­bian flag?

A Ea­gle B Lion C Kudu D Leop­ard

9 Which plan­ets in our so­lar sys­tem don’t have moons?

A Mer­cury & Venus B Mars & Jupiter C Saturn & Uranus D Nep­tune & Saturn

10 Hong Kong is a spe­cial ad­min­is­tra­tive re­gion of . . .?

A The Philip­pines B Tai­wan C China D Ja­pan

11 Which chem­i­cal is re­leased dur­ing the process of photo­syn­the­sis?

A Hy­dro­gen B Nitro­gen C Car­bon diox­ide D Oxy­gen

12 Newly crowned Miss SA, Zoz­ib­ini Tunzi, will rep­re­sent Mzansi at the Miss . . . pageant?

A Uni­verse B World C Africa D Earth

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