My 20-year-old daugh­ter has just given birth and her fa­ther is say­ing he’ll stop pay­ing her main­te­nance now that she’s a mother.

Is he al­lowed to do this? My daugh­ter is still in TVET col­lege and is 100% de­pen­dent on us. MOTHER, EMAIL A par­ent has a le­gal obli­ga­tion to pay child main­te­nance un­til the child be­comes an adult and this hap­pens when they turn 18.

If the child comes of age but they’re still in school or in ter­tiary, they can sue for main­te­nance them­selves.

Your daugh­ter is still in col­lege and in fi­nan­cial need there­fore she can take her fa­ther to the main­te­nance court and sue him for main­te­nance as an adult de­pen­dant child.

The fact that she has a child doesn’t ex­empt her fa­ther from still be­ing legally li­able for her main­te­nance.

Your daugh­ter can also sue both you, her fa­ther and the other grand­par­ents of her child for child main­te­nance for the grand­child. Grand­par­ents have a le­gal duty to sup­port their grand­chil­dren.

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