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The East­tern and Western Cape are pri­mar­ily home to peo­ple who speak Soouth Africa’s sec­ond most spo­ken home lan­guage. The Xhosa peeo­ple are de­scen­dants of the Nguni peo­ple, who mi­grated southwa rd on the African con­ti­nent. As a re­sult, Xhosa takes many of itts words from the Khoisan cul­ture. The char­ac­ter­is­tic click sounds of Xhosa, as in the Khoisan lan­guages, are made with the tongue, teeth and back of the throat. One of the most fa­mous Xhosa peo­ple is former pres­i­dent Nel­son Man­dela. He was SA’s first demo­crat­i­cally elected pres­i­dent, and comes from Mvezo, near Qunu in the East­ern Cape.

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