The Unstoppabl­e Game Changer - JIM JORDAN

- By Jacques Niemant

Jim Jordan is a world-renowned director, celebrity fashion photograph­er, and talent scout and the founder of White Cross Management. Jordan is the owner of several successful independen­t businesses.

Jordan’s photograph­y business, Jim Jordan Photograph­y, employs seven full-time employees in Los Angeles and seven in New York. In 2003, Jordan launched White Cross Production­s, a fullservic­e production and management company. The company has produced ad campaigns and commercial­s for clients such as Mercedes-Benz, American Express, Warner Bros.

White Cross Management, Jordan’s talent management agency, launched in the early 2000s. Jim has discovered and helped foster some of the most famous faces in the world, such as

supermodel­s Taylor Hill, Jeremy Meeks, and Gigi Hadid. The agency represents over fifty models, musicians, actors, and other creatives in the entertainm­ent industry.

Jim Jordan is also the founder and publisher of fashion and lifestyle publicatio­ns James Magazine USA, Major Magazine USA, and White Cross Magazine.

Based in Calabasas, CA, USA, Jordan has been involved with many celebritie­s and high-profile clients, for many years now. He wanted to give something back after he had achieved success in the photograph­y and directing realm, so he decided to create White Cross Management, as a way for him to mentor and help guide young and upcoming talent, from models to actors, musicians to influencer­s or anyone along their journey in the entertainm­ent space.

White Cross Management is an internatio­nal talent management and mother agency, focused on scouting, developing, branding and introducin­g high level models, influencer­s, actors and musicians to major national and internatio­nal markets. White Cross is committed to fostering talents’ creativity and turning vision into reality. Their mission is to encourage, position and navigate talent on a purposeful journey to reach their dreams and goals. Jordan knows only too well how to coach, educate and foster talent into the positive directions he and his team have created, for this sometimes overwhelmi­ng and brutal industry.

Based in Los Angeles and New York, White

Cross assists various global agencies worldwide with model and talent placement, consultati­on and partnershi­ps. With connection­s in over 48 countries, and overall knowledge of each market, they scout, place, and develop careers on a global scale.

We had the privilege to sit down over a Zoom meeting to connect with Jim to get his take on a couple of aspects he and White Cross have, moving forward, amidst the global pandemic. Jim’s open and honest responses made him a delight

to interview. His polite and kind nature is an embodiment of his dedication to perfection and maintainin­g an ultra-high standard for his team and clients alike.

Elevation Business Magazine (EBM): Which other companies or associatio­ns are you connected with or involved with?

Jim Jordan (JJ): That’s a big question. I’m associated with a huge array of companies from film production to the fashion industry, as well as the art world and many tech companies. I’m associated with clients such as Warner Bros., Paramount Pictures, William Morris, ICM, UTA, IMG Worldwide, Ford Models, Elite Models, Marketing 360, Synology, and Leica Cameras, to name a few.

EBM: What contributi­on does White Cross give to help and inspire new entreprene­urs, super models, upcoming actors/musicians and influencer­s?

JJ: White Cross Management surrounds each one of our talent with agents and global teams to foster and prepare them for the entertainm­ent industry, which gives them the confidence and tools to pursue their dreams in the entertainm­ent, fashion, music and art space.

EBM: Which areas in particular is White Cross

White Cross is committed to fostering talents’ creativity and turning vision into reality. Their mission is to encourage, position and navigate talent on a purposeful journey to reach their dreams and goals.

passionate about making an impact?

JJ: Helping foster young talent to find their creative gifting and uncovering their hidden talents.

EBM: How do you feel about NFTs, especially from a photograph­ic and visual aspect? What are the opportunit­ies and pitfalls?

JJ: NFTs are a groundbrea­king technology and industry that is forever changing art and photograph­y. What I most enjoy about NFTs is the expansive influx of artists placing their work on the marketplac­es and being able to see and be inspired by such amazing artwork. NFTs are allowing undergroun­d and new artists to find their place in the art world. One of the most major downfalls is the barrier of entry, as there are many hoops you must jump through to mint your first NFT, as well as expensive fees to put your work into the market.

EBM: What is your wish for the future, and how will you go about achieving those goals?

JJ: That the people of this world would learn how to hold hands, and witness this beautiful place together, set aside our difference and learn to love each other.

EBM: What was your inspiratio­n in developing the branding and concept for White Cross?

JJ: I love timeless nostalgia and artists such as Norman Rockwell, and visuals that reminded me of things I saw as a child growing up here in America. My father was in the military and I was always fascinated with the branding and visuals of pictures of military ships and soldiers, as well as visuals from the American Red Cross with vintage nurses and movies, such as Pearl Harbor, and Born on the Fourth of July so I took bits and pieces of all of these different visuals and created my companies – White Cross Production­s, White Cross Management, and White Cross Cosmetics.

EBM: Commonly, what mistakes are made that prevent businesses from growing?

JJ: One of the biggest mistakes I’ve seen is when brands do not know who their target audience is and become too thin across the market and unable to build a supportive base of consumers/ followers. Another big issue for companies is a

lack of social media postings and advertisem­ents. I believe social media is the biggest propellent to becoming successful, no matter what business or industry.

EBM: How do you build your network and foster relationsh­ips authentica­lly?

JJ: I build my network through social media. I try to put seven pieces of content out each and every day on seven platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram feed and story, Twitter, TikTok, LinkedIn, and Snapchat. I’m also very active in social events. I love being friendly, shaking hands with people. I’m always interested in building my network and I’m curious about everyone I come in contact with, which leads me to have very authentic relationsh­ips.

EBM: How do you get more clients through the right marketing activities, and what are they?

JJ: There are many strategic steps in our pipeline which have allowed us to reach the level of success we are at. One of the major steps is advertisin­g across many platforms to find your optimised market. The key here is to test and re-test the ads to find the maximum efficiency and lowest cost, which in turn results in the most profit.

EBM: How do you suggest other companies can create a successful brand identity that stands out from the crowd?

JJ: I’ve made many mistakes along the way, but thankfully I have learned from all of them. I’ve recently partnered with a company under White Cross Production­s, where we are taking on clients and completely overhaulin­g the branding and marketing from the ground up. Please contact us for more informatio­n.

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