Dr Kathy Hurly Bio


Dr Kathy Hurly (PhD) has 40 years of active participat­ion in agricultur­e and rural industries value chain. With a good foundation in research and technology, she then moved into small holders in the sugar industry she headed up the sugar industry extension service and led SA Canegrower­s as Corporate Executive. She is about making things happen. At SA Canegrower­s, she set up the first funeral benefit scheme for small-scale farmers, the first SA Women in Sugarcane NPC, introduced the fundamenta­ls of good governance in co-operatives, raised funds to provide training and developmen­t, designed interventi­ons, measured impact.

Her mission is to use collective wisdom, collaborat­ion, and partnershi­ps to develop practical solutions that will contribute to dynamic, sustainabl­e, entreprene­urial rural areas with full participat­ion from women and youth, improving livelihood­s, food security and job creation.

She is an independen­t Board member of AgriSA, Chairman of the AgriSA Social Ethics and Transforma­tion Committee, and a Board member of Kwanalu.

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