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Dur­ing the re­cent dry spell in the Cape, out­door plant sales have de­clined as plant-buy­ers have turned their at­ten­tion to more re­al­is­tic in­door projects with fewer water de­mands. Now’s the time for tough, un­de­mand­ing in­door plants to take cen­tre stage in the home

Whether or not you have green fin­gers, there are many un­de­mand­ing in­door plant va­ri­eties that thrive on ne­glect. If any­thing, one needs to be care­ful not to over-water them or smother them with love.

As­para­gus fern (As­para­gus den­si­florus)

Zanz­ibar gem (Zamiocul­cas za­mi­ifo­lia)

Philo­den­dron (var­i­ous species)

Chi­nese money plant (Pilea peper­omioides)

Fid­dle-leaf fig (Fi­cus lyrata)

Spi­der plant (Chloro­phy­tum co­mo­sum)

Snake plant (San­se­vieria)

Pre­vi­ously, I’ve been loath to rec­om­mend some of these va­ri­eties be­cause they’ve been im­pos­si­ble to find. How­ever, I’m pleased to note that with the re­cent surge in pop­u­lar­ity of the in­door house­plant, I’m see­ing more Zanz­ibar gems, Chi­nese money plants and Fid­dle-leaf figs around.

As green­ery be­comes ubiq­ui­tous in homes, more ac­ces­sories in­volv­ing the dis­play of plants are be­com­ing avail­able too – much like ‘tulip mania’ in the 17th cen­tury, which led to the rise of the tulip­ière to show­case tulips. I was re­cently de­lighted to find the Zenith planter from Dark Horse, hav­ing searched for a local mod­ern stand for my in­door plants for a while.

(from left) Large Zenith planter R2 250 and tall Zenith planter R1 150, both in Black, Dark Horse

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