Cas­cad­ing and hang­ing plants add a fresh di­men­sion to shelves in the home

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All about trail­ing in­door plants

I can’t visit a nurs­ery with­out bring­ing a new green friend home, and when shop­ping for plants, I of­ten look for ‘trail­ers’ – plants that cas­cade over the edge of a con­tainer and hang in the air. They re­main low in the pot and are per­fect for shelves where there isn’t much space over­head. And, when placed on a high shelf, they tum­ble down to eye level where they can be ad­mired.

The most com­mon mis­take with in­door plant care is over­wa­ter­ing. I avoid those that need fre­quent mois­ture and keep my wa­ter­ing to one day of the week to help me keep track of how much each plant is re­ceiv­ing. Feed­ing de­pends on the plant. I use di­luted liq­uid fer­tiliser ev­ery few weeks in spring and sum­mer on many of mine, but not on cacti or suc­cu­lents. It’s im­por­tant to take note of a plant’s light re­quire­ments: while good for a suc­cu­lent, a sunny win­dowsill with di­rect light is not the best spot for ev­ery in­door plant. How­ever, if you have a plant that sur­vives, but fails to thrive in a given spot, it prob­a­bly isn’t re­ceiv­ing enough light. Don’t be afraid to move a plant around to de­ter­mine where it’s hap­pi­est.

Pic­tured here, I have ar­ranged a se­lec­tion of trail­ers on shelves in my home along­side an ar­ray of col­lecta­bles, and the jux­ta­po­si­tion of the green el­e­ment adds life and a uni­fy­ing soft­ness to the ar­range­ment. While all hang­ing, the leaf forms are vari­able – most are fine and del­i­cate, but some are more ro­bust. I of­ten re-ar­range the shelves to en­joy new com­bi­na­tions of ten­drils along­side one an­other and find a dif­fer­ent bal­ance be­tween the var­i­ous plants. Hav­ing lived with these in­door plants for a while,

I can’t imag­ine my home with­out them.

FAVOURITE TRAIL­ING PLANTSInch Plant (Trades­cantia ze­b­rina)Devil’s Ivy (Epiprem­num au­reum)String of Pearls (Senecio row­leyanus)Chain of Bananas (Senecio rad­i­cans)Chain of Hearts (Cerope­gia woodii)Don­key’s Tail (Se­dum mor­ga­ni­anum)Heart Leaf Philo­den­dron (Philo­den­dron cor­da­tum)

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