Chris Se­bola gives us great dumplings recipe.

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South African steam bread In­gre­di­ents:

5 cups of flour

2 ta­ble­spoon of rama

5 ml salt

25 ml sugar

25 ml grated car­rots

250 ml cup Luke warm wa­ter 10 g dry yeast


Mix all dry in­gre­di­ents in an open bowl, add Rama and use hand to aer­ate it. Then add liq­uid slowly while us­ing your hands till smooth and no bub­bles. If wa­ter is not enough add lit­tle and make sure your dour is not too runny so that it will dou­ble fast and fer­ment as fast.

Place it at a well heat ven­ti­la­tion area or un­der gas stove cov­ered well. Then once it is ready af­ter 40 min­utes, heat a well opened pot, filled with moder­ate quan­tity of wa­ter, place two breaks and spray your Muf­fin pan. Then trans­fer dough into Muf­fin pan and steam for 35 min­utes. Make sure that the pot is closed. Take your dumpling out and place at a cool area to let cool down so that they be­come spongy and soft. Serve with stew beef or African cow heel.

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