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Dear Linky

I go by the name of Zuk­iswa from Dur­ban. I stay with my younger sis­ter, my daugh­ter and my hus­band. My hus­band spend much of his time out with his friends drink­ing and al­ways come back home late. Some­times he’d knock off at work on a Fri­day and never come back for the whole week­end ‘til Mon­day af­ter work. There would be a lot ten­sion in the house when he comes back. He doesn’t have time to bond with his daugh­ter or at­tend any of her ma­jor events at school. It breaks her heart. I al­ways tell her that her dad loves her re­gard­less of his ac­tions and she doesn’t seem to be­lieve me. I am also tired of his be­hav­iour but he be­comes ag­gres­sive when I con­front him about it. I am so wor­ried.

Dear Zuk­iswa

Most fam­i­lies go through what you are go­ing through. You’ll find one par­ent re­spon­si­ble for ev­ery­one and ev­ery­thing in the house and it’s mostly moth­ers who are re­spon­si­ble. Just keep do­ing what is right for you and your daugh­ter. Fo­cus on sup­port­ing her the best way you can so she ac­com­plish her dreams .It’s been said ‘’There is time to keep quiet and there is time to speak’’. I be­lieve you’ve said ev­ery­thing you wanted to say to him dur­ing your ar­gu­ments when he re­turns home late .It’s now time to move your en­ergy to where it would be use­ful ,which is on your daugh­ter .Things change, so peo­ple.

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