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Isa­iah 60: 1. "Arise, shine, for your light has come, and the glory of the Lord rises upon you”. When the light of GOD comes on you, you are shin­ing to cover your vil­lage, Prov­ince and Na­tion, but be­fore you can shine, Isa­iah says Arise. That is your foun­da­tion of shin­ing be­cause many of us want to shine with­out aris­ing. We want to move on with life with­out for­giv­ing cer­tain peo­ple. Isa­iah 60: 3. Says; “Na­tions will come to your light and kings to the bright­ness of your dawn”. Na­tions will come to your light, mean­ing that your light at­tracts na­tions. It at­tracts kings. He says kings to the bright­ness of your dawn, mean­ing kings will come also. Some­times if your light can­not at­tract the light peo­ple. It means that when you arise, you need to con­vert them into kings be­fore you can shine be­cause when you shine, you are n cov­er­ing the whole na­tions, the whole king­dom.

Mark 6: 54; “As soon as they got out of the boat, peo­ple rec­og­nized Je­sus. 55. They ran through­out that whole re­gion and car­ried the sick on mats to wher­ever they heard he was”. As soon as peo­ple saw JE­SUS, the bible says they recog­nised him .They car­ried sick peo­ple through­out the whole re­gion and went af­ter JE­SUS for healing. JE­SUS was shin­ing. He was then the light that at­tracted peo­ple. He was a light to the na­tions and still is. But if you read the book of Luke 1, JE­SUS was not a light that car­ried healing, but he was still pre­par­ing him­self. He was still aris­ing to shine. Child of GOD, iden­tify your skill and use it to change the world around you. What are you do­ing to change your vil­lage and your na­tions? It is not about shin­ing. You need to arise, you need to be in a place of prepa­ra­tion. Start there, cre­ate a foun­da­tion in or­der to shine with glory. Shine with love, shine with peace and shine in Je­sus Christ.

When mosses was born, he was born to shine as a de­liv­erer to Is­rael. He was born to be their light Ex­o­dus 3: 11: “But Moses said to God, "Who am I that I should go to Pharaoh and bring the Is­raelites out of Egypt?”, God said; “go and de­liver my peo­ple out of Egypt slav­ery”. The Egyp­tians de­liv­er­ance was hid­den in the ra­di­ance of the light of Moses. If he could not shine, it means he wouldn't have had the abil­ity to de­liver them. Child of GOD, you do not need too much money to shine. All you need is to arise, be in prayer, read the bible, fast in or­der to shine. It is never too late to change your fam­ily. It is never too late to pros­per in life. Psalm 43: 3: “Send me your light and your faith­ful care, let them lead me; let them bring me to your holy moun­tain, to the place where you dwell”. He says “send me your light. Give me your wis­dom so I can arise in or­der to shine”. The mo­ment the light of GOD is sent in you, you are yet brought in a holy moun­tain you are now con­verted into a weapon of JE­SUS, you are shin­ing in the spirit. The Devil is in trou­ble. You are the light shin­ing in your Prov­ince, you are light shin­ing in your coun­try.

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