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Dear Linky

I have mixed feel­ings .I have been in a long dis­tance re­la­tion­ship for close to 4 years and my girl­friend is stay­ing in Vaal. I have never been with her since when we were in Lim­popo the last time. She told me she has been with some­one since last year Jan­uary, be­cause I was al­ways ab­sent. The prob­lem is that I have been ab­sent, but it hurts me that an­other man came into scene. I am just jealous be­cause an­other guy has come to be with my girl­friend. I dumped her last week, but I now re­alise that I was the one who is wrong by not be­ing there. She told me she told the new guy about me , but still I was not around .Am I fair ,must I con­tinue with her since I still love her ?I do take the blame that I was not there .I am feel­ing an­gry at the same time I blame my­self.

Dear Anony­mous

Leav­ing her while you know you feel guilty and still love her is a bad idea. You are full of anger and in no state of mak­ing any fi­nal de­ci­sions .You must take all the time you need to heal and when your mind is fresh again only then will you know what you want .Peo­ple make mis­takes all the time for­give them, it will also help you to be at peace with all that hap­pened. The fact that she told the guy she is see­ing that you are in the pic­ture means she still loves you and has the hope that you would one day come back for her, there­fore fight for her. I be­lieve the rea­son she did not leave is that she un­der­stands the sit­u­a­tion that you are far and you not do­ing it with the in­ten­tion of hurt­ing her. I sug­gest you be brave to for­give and apol­o­gize to her for put­ting her in that po­si­tion. Re­mem­ber that you will only feel guilty when you are guilty. Your mixed emo­tions are cor­rect, you did her wrong out of anger. It’s not wrong that you did her wrong, you were an­gry she will un­der­stand.

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