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It is not what we think, but what we say and how we say that can de­stroy and break the sec­ond party. Some­times we claim to speak from the heart, but end up hurt­ing the peo­ple around us. Some may say that words can heal you, but in most cases, it is the very same words that break us phys­i­cally, emo­tion­ally and spir­i­tu­ally. Be­ing too vo­cal can be good for you, but still be that op­po­si­tion to the next per­son and also shy­ing away from how you feel can cause la­tent to your in­ner be­ing and bruises to your soul. Imag­ine liv­ing in a world with­out sound and sight. How many peo­ple would still be alive be­cause of words that were said to them? How many peo­ple would still be happy and liv­ing with­out re­gret? And how many words were left un­said? Yes, we of­ten re­gret say­ing some of the things we say and how we told them and we of­ten feel re­lieved after re­mov­ing the bur­den off our chests, yet we still for­get to learn from those words. If what was said to you, hurt you that much that you can­not even sleep at night, then why can’t you turn it into mo­ti­va­tion or some­thing pos­i­tive? It is not easy, but worth it if you try. De­pres­sion is not just a thought, but a feel­ing as well. There­fore, if you can turn the words into some­thing pos­i­tive and be­lieve in it as much as you Be­lieve in what is hurt­ing, then it is worth it, just as said by one of the me­dia per­son­al­i­ties “They talk about you be­cause, if they talk about them­selves no­body lis­tens”. Mo­ti­va­tion comes from within. No mat­ter what some­one says to try to lift you up, if you are not keen on what­ever they are say­ing, then there will be no change done. Be­fore you mend any­thing, that thing has to be bro­ken but flex­i­ble. Gath­er­ing the bro­ken pieces is the hard­est thing to do, but the most amaz­ing thing you may need in your life, it can help you dis­cover your true strength and also help you build your shield so you can be pre­pared for what­ever sit­u­a­tion you may be fac­ing, it also helps you un­der­stand the process of growth and ma­tu­rity as a whole You need to prac­tice to be im­pec­ca­ble with your words, speak with in­tegrity, say what you mean, avoid us­ing words to speak against your­self and al­ways try by all means to use the power of your words in the di­rec­tion of truth and love be­cause if you love some­thing so much you won’t just break it but mend it in­stead.

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