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4 large bone­less skin­less chicken breasts

2 cups flour

4 tsp salt

4 tsp black pep­per

3 tbsp ground gin­ger

1 tbsp freshly ground nut­meg

2 tsp ground thyme

2 tsp ground sage

2 tbsp pa­prika

1 tsp cayenne pep­per

4 eggs

8 tbsp wa­ter

2 tbsp olive oil

3-4 cloves minced gar­lic

1 cup honey

1/4 cup soy sauce low sodium soy sauce is best 1 tsp ground black pep­per canola oil for fry­ing

Place the chicken breasts be­tween 2 sheets of plas­tic wrap and us­ing a meat mal­let, pound the meat to an even 1/2 inch thick­ness. Al­ter­na­tively, you can slice the breasts by plac­ing them flat on a cut­ting board and us­ing a very sharp knife to slice them into halves hor­i­zon­tally.

Sift to­gether the flour, salt, black pep­per, ground gin­ger, nut­meg, thyme, sage pa­prika and cayenne pep­per. NOTE: This flour and spice dredge mix is suf­fi­cient for two batches of this chicken recipe so di­vide the batch and store 1/2 in a Zi­ploc bag in the freezer. I al­ways like to make enough for next time...and there's al­ways a next time with this recipe.

3. Make an egg wash by whisk­ing to­gether the eggs and wa­ter.

4. Sea­son the chicken breasts with salt and pep­per, then dip the meat in the flour and spice mix­ture. Dip the breast into the egg­wash and then a fi­nal time into the flour and spice mix, press­ing the mix into the meat to get good con­tact.

5. Heat a skil­let on the stove with about a half inch of canola oil cov­er­ing the bot­tom. You will want to care­fully reg­u­late the tem­per­a­ture here so that the chicken does not brown too quickly.

The thin­ness of the breast meat prac­ti­cally guar­an­tees that it will be fully cooked by the time the out­side is browned. I find just be­low medium heat works well. I use a burner set­ting of about 4 1/2 out of 10 on the dial and fry them gen­tly for about 4 or 5 min­utes per side un­til golden brown and crispy.

6. Drain on a wire rack for a cou­ple of min­utes be­fore dip­ping the cooked breasts into the Honey Gar­lic Sauce. Serve with noo­dles or rice.

7. To make the Honey Gar­lic Sauce:

8. In a medium saucepan add the 2 tbsp olive oil and minced gar­lic.

Cook over medium heat to soften the gar­lic but do not let it brown.

9. Add the honey, soy sauce and black pep­per.

10. Sim­mer to­gether for 5-10 min­utes, re­move from heat and al­low to cool for a few min­utes. Watch this care­fully as it sim­mers be­cause it can foam up over the pot very eas­ily.


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