PENNY’S COR­NER: Learn from fail­ure

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We of­ten are hard on our­selves af­ter fail­ing to do some­thing, which is why we find our­selves stocked in the past or some­times do­ing the very same thing over and over again with­out find­ing any so­lu­tion to the sit­u­a­tion. Yes, it’s of­ten okay to re­cap and check where you went wrong in­stead of find­ing ways of mov­ing on af­ter the fail­ure. The fail­ure of do­ing some­thing can also be wha you need for you to per­fect it or to start some­thing bet­ter than the one you’ve failed al­ready. We of­ten hear peo­ple say three is al­ways a room for im­prove­ment, but we don’t re­ally ac­com­mo­date fail­ure, but in­stead we en­cour­aged by com­par­ing what has hap­pened to some­one we think­ing were bet­ter then, we of­ten ex­pect more from peo­ple while we’re giv­ing less and we also try and find ways to make ex­cuses for our fail­ure so we can get com­fort and for­get that the com­fort of fail­ure is the stage of equi­lib­rium be­tween our dreams and fail­ure it­self.

Fail­ure should never be taken as an ex­cuse, but as a wakeup call that some­thing is not go­ing right and you need to stand up and look back never go back in­stead try and rec­tify what has been done and find ways to grow and evolve your­self to be­come a bet­ter per­son be­cause yours to­mor­row isn’t de­fined by what you were yes­ter­day but who you are to­day as an in­di­vid­ual. The the­ory of it all is find­ing the small rea­son that made you to even want to give it a try from the get go and what every­body else says shouldn’t be a fac­tor, but what you know is what will make it all a re­al­ity for your fu­ture and push fac­tor to want to try again.

Some­times fail­ure can mo­ti­vate you to try again and per­fect PENNY’S what COR­NER: you did wrong, but they are things you can’t take back from fail­ure be­cause not all the Ap­ples from an Ap­ple tree are to be eaten, but some rot on their own so you can never take back We of­ten say it is bet­ter to try and fail than fail to try be­cause be­hind ev­ery suc­cess­ful per­son the is fail­ure that pushed them to be who and what they are to­day, so suc­cess is the re­sult of per­fec­tion, hard work, learn­ing from fail­ure, loy­alty, and per­sis­tence sim­ply be­cause win­ners are not afraid of fail­ure and if you’re not pre­pared to go wrong you can never come back with some­thing orig­i­nal.

“Fail­ure should be our teacher, not our un­der­taker. Fail­ure is de­lay, not de­feat. It is a tem­po­rary de­tour, not a dead end. Fail­ure is some­thing we can avoid only by say­ing noth­ing, do­ing noth­ing, and be­ing noth­ing.” - De­nis

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