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Gen­e­sis 28: 12. He had a dream in which he saw a stair­way rest­ing on the earth, with its top reach­ing to heaven, and the an­gels of God were as­cend­ing and de­scend­ing on it. Ja­cob had a dream and in the dream, he saw an­gels. There­fore, GOD wants to use you, but for him to use you, there must be a dream, a plan, a vi­sion for you to ful­fil. If you can­not have a dream, you do not have a foun­da­tion to be used by GOD. The mighty sav­ior uses peo­ple with a vi­sion, a plan for his will to come to pass. Mark 11: 24; “There­fore I say unto you, all things what­so­ever ye pray and ask for, be­lieve that ye re­ceive them, and ye shall have them.” Bi­ble Of­fline, He says any­thing you want, if you pray, you shall re­ceive it, so what you will re­ceive what you want, your plans, and your vi­sions. So GOD can never give you what you never asked for. There is a foun­da­tion of our needs where GOD builds from. So if you want a bless­ing, car, job or mar­riage, there is a foun­da­tion that car­ries your bless­ings. That foun­da­tion is JE­SUS. Your re­la­tion­ship with GOD is very im­por­tant. You must have plans in life. Gen­e­sis 2: 23; “The man said, "This is now bone of my bones and flesh of my flesh; she shall be called 'woman,' for she was taken out of man." When Adam saw Eve, he said this is the bone of my bones, flesh of my flesh.

Adam had the same con­nec­tion with Eve and same DNA. The mo­ment you start to dream and plan. You carry the same con­nec­tion with your dreams, and your ca­reer. A dream that does not look like you, you can­not ful­fil it be­cause there no pas­sion, no love for what you do. GOD want to plant your ca­reer in your heart be­fore it manifest. Love what you do so that you can per­fect it when u do it. God loves you.

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