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Alot of peo­ple they are ready to es­tab­lish a cer­tain ac­tiv­ity in busi­ness, school and mar­riage but there is no prepa­ra­tion, they are not pre­pared for what they are about to start. GOD doesn't want us to en­gage our self in things which we are not ready FOR but he want us to be pre­pared from our spirit, our mind and our souls. Luke 22: 12. He will show you a large room up­stairs, all fur­nished. Make prepa­ra­tions there. This is JE­SUS, he says; “go make prepa­ra­tion FOR us there,” mean­ing be­fore Je­sus can come he wanted them to be ready to re­ceive him. Be­cause some peo­ple they want a bless­ing from GOD but they not pre­pared enough to main­tain it, they want a mar­riage but there is no peace, no money, no love to main­tain the mar­riage, but Je­sus want u to create an en­vi­ron­ment of Peace by prepa­ra­tion so you can main­tain his bless­ings. So fix your char­ac­ter, fix your fi­nan­cial life be­fore es­tab­lish­ing things like mar­riage, and fix your val­ues. Look at David, he was a man who was pre­pared by GOD 1 Sa­muel 17: 22. David left his things with the keeper of sup­plies, ran to the bat­tle lines and asked his broth­ers how they were.

Be­fore he went to the bat­tle of go­liath against the Is­raelites he didn’t just leave the sheep with no keeper....but the bible says he left them WITH a keeper why be­cause he was or­gan­ised...he was pre­pared for any­thing.

He had the wis­dom of GOD....Be­cause when he left the keeper with the sheep he was try­ing to cover up his ab­sence. So been pre­pared it comes up with wis­dom which you need ap­ply from GOD. There­fore, don't just be pre­pared in the ab­sence of wis­dom. Look at David, when he gave the king, a state­ment which pre­pared him for war 1 Sa­muel 17: 34. But David said to Saul, "Your ser­vant has been keep­ing his fa­ther's sheep. When a lion or a bear came and car­ried off a sheep from the flock...he spoke ABOUT his ex­pe­ri­ence in the for­est...What hap­pened when a bear and lion where try­ing to at­tack the sheep's of his fa­ther, so David was al­ways pre­pared for bat­tle, he knew all the strat­egy how to over­come a cer­tain bat­tle ...so child of GOD don't be lazy and you pre­pare your­self when you write the next day but al­ways stay pre­pared. Al­ways be ready for a fight. Be pre­pared to over­come any­thing in life, don't wait un­til it too late to pre­pare your­self, but be for­ever ready weather in the night or dur­ing the day, hold the army of GOD, hold the wis­dom of GOD, wis­dom of your test, an­a­lyse it be­fore your bat­tle, be­fore your new job, new mar­riage. Be­cause some peo­ple they want to merry but they fail to be re­spon­si­ble.

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