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We are fre­quently afraid to fix mis­takes, yet they build us to who we be­come and ed­u­cate us for to­mor­row. Yes, to­mor­row is not promised, but we still hope for a bet­ter one sim­ply be­cause of our hopes, dreams and de­sires that are not yet com­plete. We turn to think that the quote; “the ball is in your court”, means that we have to keep our eyes fixed on it and for­get that it is not a match un­less there are com­peti­tors. We are also cry­ing for a per­fect end­ing, but how do we ex­pect to learn if all is well? Dis­ap­point­ments will make our hopes grow fonder and strength­ens us for to­mor­row’s next chal­lenge. Cry­ing is not a sign of in­ci­vil­ity, but a sig­nal of bet­ter­ment. It demon­strates the im­por­tance of loss and also cre­ate a space for a fresh source. Yes, we blooper and whine for many dis­sim­i­lar reasons, but we should not re­gret try­ing, but re­gret fail­ing not to try. It is bet­ter to leave know­ing that you gave it your best than to leave know­ing you did not do any­thing whilst you still had a chance to at­tempt and change some­thing.

We re­al­ize our best po­ten­tial when we un­der­stand that our heart de­sires are not just a quick turn to the right, but a hun­dred turns left and right, through our strug­gles of life we should not just ac­cept de­feat, but the bat­tle it with all our weapons be­cause noth­ing worth

Keep­ing comes easy, hard work pays so does fail­ure? From the minute we fail to act or at­tain some­thing we should view that as a pro­mo­tion of a bet­ter to­mor­row be­cause when you fail you take and when you die you fail spec­tac­u­larly at your own rate. To­mor­row is not guar­an­teed but how we live to­day is what mat­ters, make sure that each day you have is hon­oured not nice, it is a day that mat­ters and that is true, be­cause if it is nice you will be mis­er­able and try make the time you have to­day mean some­thing just make sure that each day means some­thing and do not ex­pect any­one to un­der­stand cause it is okay to be mis­un­der­stood at times as long as you know what you are not all about, never ex­pect any­one’s ap­proval of you and al­ways take charge but leave space for cor­rec­tions let oth­ers have some­thing to say about you whether good or bad cause that too is ca­pa­ble of build­ing you.

Al­ways do things for you that will make you happy and put your­self first in ev­ery­thing that you do and never for­get that it is okay to be seen as self­ish for do­ing things that count for you.

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