Apos­tle Romeo shares about Main­tain­ing a heav­enly vi­sion.

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When God has given you a vi­sion and a plan for the fu­ture, it will never come into man­i­fes­ta­tion if you are not as­so­ci­ated to the right peo­ple (divine con­nec­tion). Acts 9: 10. “In Da­m­as­cus there was a dis­ci­ple named Ana­nias. The lord called to him in a vi­sion, "Ana­nias!", "Yes, lord," he an­swered. 11. The lord said unto him; "Go to the house of Ju­das on Straight Street and ask for a man from tar­sus named Saul, for he is pray­ing. “When God called Paul into the min­istry, he gave him a vi­sion for his jour­ney, but be­fore his as­sign­ment could even start, god con­nected Apos­tle Paul with a man by the name of Ana­nias. Mean­ing that Ana­nias was a divine con­nec­tion for Paul to flinch his as­sign­ment. God con­nected them to­gether so that Apos­tle Paul could set out his jour­ney because the mo­ment you choose a ca­reer, you must also pick out peo­ple in the same bat­tle­field of your ca­reer and be aware that a wrong con­nec­tion can kill your ca­reer, wrong friends too. Never be a pos­i­tive per­son whom walks around with neg­a­tive peo­ple because the mo­ment you carry light, but you walk around darkness, the same peo­ple with darkness will de­fine your light not to glow. There­fore, be con­nected to peo­ple who can help you ful­fil your life goals. Amos 3: 3. “Do two walk to­gether un­less they have agreed to be­have so? “Amos was ask­ing here; for peo­ple to walk to­gether, they have to agree, mean­ing that if you can­not agree, you can­not walk to­gether. How can you walk with peo­ple who do not be­lieve in you, peo­ple who dis­cour­age and look down on you? How can you walk with peo­ple who do not in­duce the same in­struc­tion as your coun­sel? As most peo­ple are dupes of their as­so­ci­a­tion, they are liv­ing a life based on peo­ple around them, which lead them to a point that they do not know their pur­pose of life any­more and they do not know their vi­sions any­more. How to ful­fil your plans when there is no hope of light: One of the things that make peo­ple to give up on their ca­reers or goals, is the de­lay they en­counter along the way. The in­stant your plans are delayed, it causes your heart to be in pain and you lose hope. Only if you de­sire to achieve your goal, you need to re­ceive a big­ger rev­e­la­tion about your vi­sion and your plans to a point where you are no longer mo­ti­vated by your cur­rent darkness, but your vi­sions and goals as they hold a greater light which il­lu­mi­nate your cur­rent darkness. That is why Je­sus when he was on the cross, he died with joy because he was look­ing at his pur­pose, but not his pain. Thus if you fo­cus on the pain, you lose the re­al­ity of the light. Your fu­ture must be brighter to a level where you en­joy your Egypt be­fore you en­ter your Canaan, but you ne­ces­si­tate to be con­nected to peo­ple with the same mind as you and peo­ple with the attitude and hunger as you so that you can ful­fil your life plans/goals.

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