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When I was at univer­sity,

I have no idea how I man­aged to pass ex­ams and do well, be­cause at that time I was strug­gling with my sleep and en­ergy lev­els.

For me, break­fast was just a cup of cof­fee and a cig­a­rette and, al­though the thought of it makes me feel sick now, back then my en­ergy was so dif­fer­ent. My life was dif­fer­ent too, and I was run­ning in SUR­VIVAL mode. Your pat­tern of eat­ing af­fects your blood sugar lev­els, and not eat­ing first thing in the morn­ing will lower your blood sugar, which then lets your brain know that you’re liv­ing in a famine sit­u­a­tion. The brain reads this sig­nal as be­ing a cri­sis and switches on your sur­vival sys­tem and stress-hor­mone pro­duc­tion. How­ever, eat­ing a nour­ish­ing break­fast ev­ery morn­ing in­forms your brain that you are liv­ing in a world where there is a plen­ti­ful sup­ply of food and switches on the SAFETY sys­tem in which your cir­ca­dian timer can be ac­ti­vated. In this way you’ll start to make more of the sleep hor­mone mela­tonin and, as a re­sult, you’ll sleep bet­ter. Do this for just three days and you’ll see what a dif­fer­ence it makes to your sleep.

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