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PUT ON A SHOW WITH TH­ESE SU­PER CUTE EASTER PUP­PETS ✱ Wooden spoons ✱ Pink, grey, white and yel­low acrylic paint

✱ Paint­brush ✱ Pink, grey, yel­low and orange felt ✱ Small wig­gle eyes ✱ Small pom-poms ✱ Glue

✱ Black and white pens ✱ Yel­low and white feath­ers

Paint the wooden spoons with acrylic paint and leave to dry com­pletely, be­fore ap­ply­ing a sec­ond coat of paint.

For the bunny pup­pets, cut out some pink and grey felt ears and glue to the back of the pink and grey painted spoons. Stick a pom-pom nose and a pair of wig­gle eyes to each. Next, draw on a black mouth and some white whiskers.

For the chick pup­pets, glue some yel­low and white feath­ers to the back of the yel­low and white painted spoons. Cut out some small orange and yel­low felt tri­an­gles, and stick to the spoons, along with some wig­gle eyes.

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