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You feel tired, run down and strug­gle with flag­ging en­ergy. It may be time to in­crease foods that give you an ex­tra boost. En­ergy-giv­ing nu­tri­ents in­clude vi­ta­mins B and C, as well as iron, mag­ne­sium and zinc. If you’re low in th­ese, your body’s en­ergy is de­pleted and it’ll be harder to lose weight.


Leafy greens, herbs and veg. Leafy greens like spinach help boost me­tab­o­lism, and are also great a source of fi­bre, which keeps you reg­u­lar. Cit­rus fruits and berries are loaded with vi­ta­min C, which we need for healthy adrenals to help main­tain en­ergy lev­els. Shell­fish, fish, liver, lean red meat, cheese and eggs are good sources of iron and vi­ta­min B12, vi­tal for en­ergy.

Live yo­ghurt con­tains probiotics ( good bac­te­ria). When there is an im­bal­ance of gut bac­te­ria, this af­fects di­ges­tion and ab­sorp­tion of nu­tri­ents, sap­ping en­ergy. avoid Pro­cessed foods, cakes, bis­cuits, potato chips, fizzy drinks, cho­co­late and caffeine.

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