what will make you hap­pier?

Sim­ple tweaks to help you smile more – tackle the test to find out how

Essentials (South Africa) - - CONTENTS NOVEMBER 2018 -

H appy peo­ple tend to be health­ier and even live longer, ac­cord­ing to US re­search. But be­ing joy­ful all the time isn’t al­ways easy in the daily grind of life. Need some help? Then take our quiz to find out how you can perk up and be pos­i­tive (and also reap the re­wards).

1 How would your friends de­scribe you… Al­ways on the go Happy- go- lucky A high achiever Gen­er­ous to a fault

2 You’re tak­ing a mouth­ful from your first cuppa of the day. It’s… Thrown to­gether, any which way. A cuppa is a cuppa Much stronger than you like it. But you’d never tell the col­league who made it for you

Made by your in­tern – you can never be faffed to go to the kitchen your­self Gone cold. Time to drink tea? Ha!

3 You’re wait­ing in a long queue at the su­per­mar­ket check­out. You’re the most likely to be… Un­able to stand still Star­ing at the floor Think­ing about ditch­ing your shop­ping Mut­ter­ing, ‘ This is hell’

4 If any­thing, you live too much in the… Present Past Fu­ture Past AND fu­ture

5 If you had a free evening to your­self, you would… Watch what­ever was on TV Go out and eat at the lat­est trendy restau­rant

Have a one-to- one with a friend Have a long soak in a bath

6 Your boss asks you to take on a ma­jor project at the last minute. Your first thought is… ‘I can’t be both­ered’ ‘It’s so un­fair’

‘I’m not up to the chal­lenge’ ‘ This is go­ing to kill me’

7 When walk­ing you’re the one who usu­ally… Drags your feet Stares at your phone Stares at your feet Races as fast as you can

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