deep clean your small ap­pli­ances

Give your kitchen elec­tri­cals a much-needed once-over and get them sparkling again

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Give your kitchen elec­tri­cals a once-over and get them sparkling again

1. Start with the ket­tle

If you live in a hard-wa­ter area, limescale will grad­u­ally fur up the heat­ing el­e­ment of your ket­tle and it’ll take longer to boil. Use a shop-bought descaler or try a nat­u­ral method us­ing equal parts wa­ter and white vine­gar. Fill the ket­tle three quar­ters full, bring to the boil and then al­low to cool. Drain the wa­ter, rinse sev­eral times and boil again so there’s no af­ter­taste.

2. Tackle the toaster

Un­plug and let the toaster cool down. Re­move the crumb tray (if it has one) and shake out crumbs or turn the toaster up­side down over the sink or dust­bin and shake gen­tly. Use a small, soft brush to dis­lodge any crumbs in­side – never use metal uten­sils to clean in­side a toaster.

3. Steam the mi­crowave

Fill a small bowl with wa­ter and a cou­ple of le­mon slices and mi­crowave on high for three min­utes. Leave to stand for five min­utes with the door closed, so that the steam in­side loosens dried- on food. Use a damp cloth to wipe the in­te­rior clean, in­clud­ing the door seal and win­dow. Re­move the turntable; wash separately.

4. De­clog the cof­fee maker (or pod ma­chine)

Cof­fee mak­ers can har­bour hid­den bac­te­ria in­side if not cleaned reg­u­larly. Clean bean-to-cup and pod ma­chines with de- cal­ci­fy­ing prod­ucts, fol­low­ing the in­struc­tions. With tra­di­tional fil­ter cof­fee mak­ers, wash the carafe, lid and fil­ter bas­ket daily in sudsy wa­ter, and also de- cal­cify the reser­voir monthly (de­pend­ing on how of­ten you use it) by run­ning a so­lu­tion of wa­ter and white vine­gar through it, leav­ing to stand for 30 min­utes, and flush­ing with hot wa­ter.

5. Get the smoothie maker sparkling

Clean out the jar of your smoothie maker or blender each time you use it by whizzing up some hot soapy wa­ter. If it starts to dull due to scale build-up, do the same but with a so­lu­tion of le­mon juice,

2 to 3 ta­ble­spoons of bak­ing soda and a lit­tle wa­ter. Then rinse it clean.

6. Clean out the sand­wich press

Switch off and un­plug the press be­fore putting wa­ter near it. Fill a bowl with warm wa­ter and add half a tea­spoon of dish­wash­ing soap. Soak a sponge or cloth in the wa­ter and gen­tly rub the plates un­til clean. Take care not to use too much wa­ter to pro­tect the elec­tri­cal com­po­nents of the press.

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