What is your flavour of ad­ven­ture?

De­cem­ber hol­i­days call for sun, fun and de­li­cious treats. No mat­ter what ����������������������������������������������������������¾������������������

Essentials (South Africa) - - ESSENTIALS -

1. How do you spend your free time? a. Read­ing or prac­tis­ing yoga b. Camp­ing c. Any ac­tiv­ity in water d. Go­ing to theme parks e. Hik­ing f. Biking

2. Do you like ob­sta­cle cour­ses? a. Not at all b. Kind of c. I’m in­dif­fer­ent ������������ e. Is it on a hill? f. Only if it’s a race

3. In your fam­ily, you are

con­sid­ered the…? a. Peace­maker b. De­ter­mined one c. Leader d. Funny one e. En­er­getic one f. Wild child

4. De­scribe your­self in one word… a. Calm b. Risk-averse c. Ad­ven­tur­ous d. Funny e. An­i­mated f. Spir­ited

5. Your favourite school sub­ject was: a. English Lit­er­a­ture b. Bi­ol­ogy c. Sci­ence d. Lunch e. Life Ori­en­ta­tion f. Phys­i­cal Ed­u­ca­tion Mostly As – Clover

Sip Up Straw­berry

You’re the quiet type and you en­joy be­ing out­doors, whether you’re read­ing a book un­der a tree or prac­tis­ing yoga moves, you’re just happy be­ing in na­ture. And just like Clover Sip Up Straw­berry, you’re sweet and liked all around. So, this sum­mer, grab a Sip Up Straw­berry, pick your favourite tree and en­joy!

Mostly Bs – Clover Sip Up Apri­cot Just like Clover Sip Up Apri­cot, your sense of ad­ven­ture is grow­ing daily. Your ideal out­door ac­tiv­ity is camp­ing… in your back­yard. You have a taste for ad­ven­ture but you like your lux­u­ries too – and there is noth­ing wrong with that – just re­mem­ber to take a Sip Up Apri­cot with you to keep up with the tent building.

Mostly Cs – Clover

Sip Up Granadilla

You are a water baby, but with an adren­a­line twist. And like Sip Up Granadilla, you’re un­ex­pected – just when ev­ery­one thinks you’re ready for the pool, you hop on a jet ski and you’re off for the day. But be­fore you go, grab a Sip Up Granadilla, shake it up, slurp it down and GO! Mostly Ds – Clover

Sip Up Choc Chip

You are fun and full of life, and like Sip Up Choc Chip, you have an in­dul­gent side. Your per­fect sum­mer ad­ven­ture is spend­ing the day at a theme park. When you take a break from the adren­a­line rush, in­dulge in a Sip Up Choc Chip to keep you go­ing.

Mostly Es – Clover Sip Up Cran­berry & Oats

You wake up ev­ery morn­ing full of beans and ready to chal­lenge your­self. Your ideal ad­ven­ture is hik­ing up the high­est hill. Kick start your day with a Sip Up Cran­berry & Oats with 25% less sugar; it’s the per­fect way to start your hike.

Mostly Fs – Clover Sip Up Black­cur­rant Boost

You are the ul­ti­mate adrenalin junkie! Think off-road biking and bungee-jump­ing. From dirt roads to ob­sta­cle cour­ses, one thing you need to have with you is Sip Up Black­cur­rant Boost for an ex­tra burst of en­ergy.

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