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‘ If you get more than two colds a year, your im­mune sys­tem isn’t as strong as it should be,’ says mi­cro­bi­ol­o­gist Dr Mar­garet Ritchie. ‘ Work­ing hard, stress, lack of sleep or poor diet can weaken your im­mune func­tion and make you more sus­cep­ti­ble.’ Vi­ral in­fec­tions are, of course, worth avoid­ing in them­selves. But re­search shows that a weak im­mune sys­tem can lead to more se­ri­ous health problems, such as can­cer. ‘ Stud­ies sug­gest as many as 15% of can­cers could be trig­gered by a virus,’ says Dr Ritchie. Boost im­mu­nity by im­prov­ing your diet, tak­ing im­mune-boost­ing sup­ple­ments, such as vi­ta­mins C and D3. Try re­duc­ing stress, get­ting more sleep and ex­er­cise.

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