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Nu­tri­tion­ist Alix Woods says that whole­grain foods can con­tain up to 75% more nu­tri­ents than their re­fined coun­ter­parts, such as white bread. ‘ When buy­ing bread, look for the word “whole” be­fore the word “wheat”. “Whole­grain” isn’t ac­tu­ally the same as “whole­wheat” – it tends to be used as a gen­eral “claim” on pack­ages and ad­verts, and can be mis­lead­ing,’ says Alix.

She adds: Read the la­bel care­fully. ‘ The whole­grain should be at the start of the in­gre­di­ent list, and try to avoid any sweet­en­ers, fillers or preser­va­tives. Buy a loaf that con­tains 2g or more of fi­bre per slice, with no more than 4g of sugar and 225mg of sodium per slice.’

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